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Hardcore Arachnids

Phiddipus regius female jumping spider 051

Phiddipus regius female jumping spider 051

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Things to know about Jumpers 

- This is the specific spider in the picture that is for sale 

- This is a suspected sub adult or a mature adult female  for $85.00

- Although this purchase is for the exact spider in the photo, sometimes the colors in real life may appear different then in the photo. This is due to camera used, lighting of the photo, your phone settings and even the angle of the spider. Refunds are not issued if the spider isn’t the exact shade of color that you expected. 

- Jumpers are wild caught. 

-Sometimes but rarely they are missing a leg

-Legs grow back in non mature spiders

-Missing legs do not effect the health of a spider

-Sometimes females are mature.

-Mature females are capable of laying fertile eggsacs.

-Jumper babies are difficult and time consuming to raise

- I can not promise mature spiders or gravid females

- Naturally jumpers are short lived spider, please understand what you are buying.



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