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Hardcore Arachnids

Phiddipus regius “Regal jumping spiders” Male and female package

Phiddipus regius “Regal jumping spiders” Male and female package

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-Things to know about Jumpers 
- sizes are small juvies to mature adults 
- This is a group of 2 jumpers, 1 male and 1 female for $90.00
- The females are randomly selected and can be any color phase with this purchase. I don’t take color requests. 
- Males are always a black and white spider with blue or green fangs.
- Jumpers are wild caught. 
- Sometimes but rarely they are missing a leg
- Legs grow back in non mature spiders
- Missing legs do not effect the health of a spider
- Sometimes the males are mature 
- Sometimes the females are mature.
- I do my best to send males that are compatible in size to the females
-Sometimes these matches aren’t perfect. 
-Mature females are capable of laying fertile eggsacs.
-Jumper babies are difficult and time consuming to raise
- I can not promise mature spiders or gravid females
- I  can not promise certain color phases and send what I have.
- Naturally jumpers are short lived spider, please understand what you are buying.



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