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Hardcore Arachnids

Theraphosa stirmi

Theraphosa stirmi

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size 5”-6” males only 

Sometimes referred to as the “Burgundy Bird Eater” this spider is one of the 3 biggest spiders on the planet. True monsters. There is some debate over which Theraphosa species gets the largest, but in my opinion T. stirmi are the biggest. Described in 2010 by Jan-Peter rudLoff & dirk WeinMann. Theraphosa stirmi is easy to identify from the other 2 species in the genus by the lack of patella hair on adults, and slings having pinkish-white colors on legs one and two. These massive spiders grow fast and have an arsenal of urticating hairs that are a bit to much for some people with sensitive skin. Communally imported these days unlike the other 2 species in the genus. Keep damp with deep substrate.A true giant tarantula that will impress anyone. 


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