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Hardcore Arachnids

Eresus walckenaeri

Eresus walckenaeri

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size 1/4”

Velvet spider! This is a very sought after true spider from the Mediterranean. These spider’lings are super tiny, but very easy to keep. I find spider’lings do best set up in a 3 dram size jar, with nothing but a crumpled up piece of paper towel to build a web on. They will be easy to spot and monitor this way. Once they get bigger they can be set up in something a litter nicer and natural looking. Keep bone dry. Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies will be needed to start with, but they will also scavenge on dead crickets etc left by their web. 

First described in 1832, these spiders have become very popular in the U.S in the last few years. Females can get almost 2 inches, while the males are smaller, but turn brightly colored when they mature


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