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Hardcore Arachnids

Hogna carolinensis

Hogna carolinensis

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•Things to know about Wolf spiders

•Size adult females 3”

•These spiders are wild caught 

•These spiders are capable of laying multiple fertile eggsacs.

•These eggsacs can contain hundred or tiny slings

•Spiderlings of this species are tiny and can be time consuming and difficult to raise 

•I can not promise they will lay an eggsac either

•Wolf spider slings ride on the moms back for a week or two before they disperse all over they place: 

•Being wild caught, it’s not uncommon for these spiders to be missing a leg. legs will regenerate in non mature spiders and wont effect the health of the spider. 

•I do my best to ship spiders with 8 legs, but sometimes it goes unnoticed. Refunds are not given for spiders missing a leg.

•Wolf spiders aren’t super long lived after they mature. A few months to a year is expected. 





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