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Holothele sp. “Dominican Republic”

Holothele sp. “Dominican Republic”

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size 1” well started

This is a awesome shiny blue dwarf species that isn’t always available. These were sold in the hobby years back as Ischnocolus sp Dominican Republic as well as Holothele sericea. However neither name is correct. This is most definitely a Holothele species as it lacks urticating hairs and makes disk shaped eggsacs, that Holothele are known forHowever in a 2017 the holotype of Holothele sericea was examined and found to have urticating hairs, making it a different spider then what we were calling  Holothele sericea in the hobby. The authors felt the spider should be moved to the genus Scopelobates. This caused confusion in the hobby and to this day some dealers still label this spiders incorrectly as Scopelobates sericeus. Regardless of what you call it, these fast ground dwelling spiders are super fun to keep and sometimes hard to find ! 


Guadanucci, J. P. L., Perafán, C. & Valencia-Cuéllar, D. (2017). The genus Holothele Karsch, 1879: the identity of the type species (Mygalomorphae, Theraphosidae). Zoosystema39(2): 263-271


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