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Hardcore Arachnids

Omothymus sp. “hati hati”

Omothymus sp. “hati hati”

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size 3/4”

These were originally labeled ( and many times still are) as Cyriopagopus sp. hati hati  in the hobby. The problem with that, is this arboreal spider no longer fits into the genus Cyriopagopus since Smith and Jacobi’s 2015 revision, that made the burrowing spiders that we use to know as Haplopelma into Cyriopagopus. Still being undescibed, it’s possible that it could be placed into another Asian arboreal genera, but I feel that they will likely be Omothymus. The term “hati hati” is an Indonesian phrase that translates to “be careful” due to the painful bite of these spiders. Adults get sizes of about 6 inches, grow fast and are easy to breed. 


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