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Hardcore Arachnids

Pterinochilus murinus (OBT)

Pterinochilus murinus (OBT)

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size 3/4”

Quite possibly the meanest tarantula on the planet. The “OBT” originally stood for “orange baboon tarantula”. However for many people the acronym “orange bitey thing” seems more appropriate for their rather poor attitude. Described in 1897 by legendary British zoologist Reginald Innes Pocock. These angry spiders will rage web over their entire enclosure and your stupid plastic plants just to annoy you. Adults can reach 6 inches in leg span and will not hesitate to bite. They spend most of their time overreacting in a threat posture while doing any kind of enclosure maintenance. If you are going to get bit by a tarantula, It will probably be this one. I honestly don’t know why anyone would even want one. You were warned.


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