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Hardcore Arachnids

Lasiocyano sazimai

Lasiocyano sazimai

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size 3/4”

This terrestrial species from Bahia Brazil obtains a leg span of about 5 inches as adults. Fairly easy to breed and can have hundreds of tiny slings in one eggsac.. They are a deep royal blue color after a molt that can fade a bit over time to a brownish blue color. First described in 2011 when Reginald Pocock 1901 genus Pterinopelma was revalidated after it was considered synonymous with Eurypelma by Eugène Simon in 1903. It was formally known as Pterinopelma sazimai. However, now in 2023 this species was transferred to a new genus by several taxonomist who felt this species deserved its own genus and created the current monotypic genus Lasiocyano



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