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Hardcore Arachnids

Xenesthis immanis

Xenesthis immanis

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The Colombian Lesser Black tarantula is one of my favorites along with the rest of the genus. These spiders have it all. Stunningly beautiful, they grow fast, they have a huge feeding response and they often stay out in the open, making them a great display tarantula. Originally described in 1875 as Lasiodora immanis by Austrian naturalist Anton Ausserer. Later in 1901 it was transferred to the new genus Xenesthis that would be established by Reginald Innes Pocock. These terrestrial eating machines are from Colombia and can quicky grow to 8 inches as adults. Females are satin black, with a purple starburst on the carapace. Males turn bright pink and purple upon maturity. Must have for any new world collection! 


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